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"Dr. Phillips is a wonderful doctor. He is so good with children. My daughter feels at ease with him and can’t wait to get a retainer (It’s not time yet). Everyone in the office is so kind and helpful."

- Christine P.
"We’re so thankful that Dr. Phillips takes the time to explain things and to answer any and all questions. The front office staff has always been friendly to my son which helps ease his fears."

- Sue M.
"Dr. Phillips and his team have done a wonderful job of putting my son’s anxiety about braces at ease by giving him honest answers that he can understand."

- Kristol C.
"You all do an incredible job. We love coming in. My son looks forward to seeing the staff and so do I!"

- Jaime H.
"Everything was perfect. Everyone is extremely polite, friendly and totally on the ball. Dr. Phillips is excellent with the care he gives and provides complete comprehensive explanation and any available options."

- Tanya J.
"We love this office and everyone in it! The best dental experience ever!"

- Grant S.
"Everyone at the office made me feel comfortable and special. I appreciate the excellent service from the front desk, the assistants and Dr. Phillips."

- Melissa C. (adult patient)
"If you're looking for an orthodontist that will treat you with care and compassion, Dr. Phillips is the one for you! Not only is he excellent in his field, his staff is top notch in their care as well! We always recommend him to everyone that we know."

– Edward J.
"Dr. Phillips' office is like one big family, and every time you visit them, it's like you are part of that family, too!"

– Ryan S.

Your appointments

Orthodontic Appointments

Orthodontic appliances need to be adjusted and monitored every few weeks for treatment to proceed as planned.  Some of your office visits will conflict with work and/or school.  In order to balance the need for regular appointments with the need to minimize missed school and work hours we have designed our office schedule to accomplish the following goals;

  • We want to have enough time at each appointment to do the necessary adjustments, plan the next visit, discuss treatment progress and answer your questions.
  • Orthodontic treatment proceeds in stages; at some points what is needed is a nudge here & there, requiring a relatively short appointment.  At other times, major changes are required.  This usually means a little longer appointment.
  • We schedule longer appointments during school and work hours and shorter appointments before and after school and work.  This way we do not reserve an entire afternoon for one or two patients, but rather see as many patients as possible with short appointments.  One consequence of a schedule arranged in this fashion is that the office is quieter in the middle of the day and busier in the early morning and late afternoon.  In a two year treatment period typically 4-5 visits will need to be during school.  Broken appliances are scheduled at short notices, so are often during school hours.
  • We want to see every patient at the time of their scheduled appointment.  Time is valuable—it should not be wasted sitting in our reception room.
  • The schedule is carefully crafted, so arriving late for an appointment can pose a problem.  In fairness to the other scheduled patients we cannot jam a late arrival in to the schedule.  We will probably have to reschedule the appointment unless there is an opening in the schedule that we had not expected.  All failed or late appointments should be rescheduled as soon as possible.  Since the after school and work appointments are scheduled several weeks in advance, it will probably be necessary to reschedule the missed appointment during the middle of the day.
  • We do appreciate your understanding in this matter.  We do not feel that we can make exceptions for one person.  When it seems at times that we are being inflexible, please remember that we are trying to be fair to everyone.  As always, we are available for questions or comments.